Cries for Freedom – Oh Lord Come, to Free Us! —- Jul 4th 2016

Oh Lord, Oh Blessed are we, to live in “Eternal” Freedom in the Lord!
May Our Hearts be ever turned outward and upward,

Seeking your Light, Your Truth, the only True Pathway to live in Freedom!

May we raise our hearts with Singing and Praise Glorifying your HOLY Name this Day!

Blessed be the Lamb, the Holy One, the Alpha and Omega, beginning and end.

Whom shall we fear, in whom shall we Trust, we need to TRUST in the Lord Our God alone.

You alone are Holy, You alone are God, You alone, Save us, Rescue, us from the Chains which seek to entrap lives with fear, doubt, and anxiety.

You call, You beckon us, Your whisper in the caverns of our hearts, gently calling us to Come, Come, Taste and see all that You have prepared for those who TRUST in You Our God.

Lead us God, call to us Lord, we do need you, yes desperately we, they, them, ALL your Children cry out, can you hear them, yes, everywhere, tears fall, hearts crack, souls ache with emptiness!

Oh Beautiful Morning Star, awaken us awaken us, awaken us… the world groans in its shadows, the world shy’s in its confusion, the world spins faster, faster each day.

Oh Lord come, come, we desperately seek you, our neighbor, or friend, the lost, the lonely we, us, all need a SAVIOR.

Come, come, come lead us to our only FREEDOM Christ with us!
Lord we pray, we cry, we shout, let my heart Praise, Praise, Praise, all that you are, all that you Are!

Lord, help me, Lord help us, Your people, Your children, we need you.

Oh Lord do you hear our cries for freedom, in between roar of clanging and clatter, cars zooming, horns blaring, with seas of voices and rumbling street cars and trains. Factories shoot vats of smoke, seeking to split the flowing clouds above.

Racing, pacing, cars, trucks seemingly flowing, darting across the striped rivers, streams of tar on the highways and roads.

Children shouting, laughing, people walking, talking, waves of beeps and rings, clambering for attention. Yet they do not sooth us, they do not bring us peace, quiet, to readily they service as vices drowning out Our longing and hunger for Peace and real Hope.

Oh Lord come, Lord come quickly, our souls yearn for you to come, to quite us. You alone are the source of our true Freedom

Oh Lord, we ache to be captivated by your bountiful array of beauty, the shining Stars and the, brilliant hues of light reflecting and dancing over the tapestry of your brush across the skies and in

Breezing winds ever gently sway the leaves of mighty trees, clapping leaves, and flowing meadow grasses, dance endlessly across the lands. Each arrayed in glistening shades of green and pastels dancing, prancing silhouettes and fields of wild flowers.

Oh Lord Your Majesty is boundless, let us come, come, come. Quiet our restless hearts, restores our weary souls. Come, come, come Lord, help us to bath in the boundless ocean of Your relentless Love, Peace and Hope, that you alone renew and refresh.

Yes, Lord, You alone are the true source of Our Freedom, let Freedom reign throughout the land, this “DAY” today this day to reflect and remember that Freedom flows from humble hearts and open hands.

Still the waters, Pierce the darkness, illuminate us Lord, come Lord, come lead us to our only Freedom lead us in Paths of Freedom and Righteousness.

Come Lord Jesus, Come, Come, release and open our weary hearts to receive, to receive you Peace, Your Hope your FREEDOM.

Lord Jesus thank you, We Praise You, we Worship you, Come Lord Jesus come, today is the Day of the Lord, the Dawning of Freedom rests in You, Come, Come Lord Jesus Come, heal this Cracked and broken Land, forgive us, heal us, Restore us.

Come, come, come quickly Lord Jesus, yes you alone, you alone are bringing true FREEDOM on this Holiday Weekend, Yes, Yes, You Lord, Come, Ringing Heaven’s Hope reigning with Heaven’s Peace on all the pathways and with may you PEACE calm our Hearts.

Come, Come Lord Jesus come…Our only freedom our only TRUE Hope, and refuge from the chains of this broken and fractured world, Come, Come Lord Jesus, Come and let your Freedom ring throughout breezes of your Holy Spirt.

Come, come, Lord Jesus, reign in our Hearts, reign I our Souls, Lord “Reign” through all the World. Bringing Your pedals of Mercy, Hope, Love and FREEDOM throughout this Land today and forever More,

Come, come, come now Lord, declaring with a Shout Ringing in Freedom’s Love Song in our hearts this 4th of July!!


lg – 4/7/16

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