A New Morning Awaits

Dear One,

Good Morning, may the consciousness of His Holy Spirit embrace your rising!

Blessed are we to know the Lord.   Come one, come all, let down your weights of worry, allowing your mind,  to rest under the Mighty Wings of our Creator, His Truth, the Promise of Eternal Life.

Our Hope is in the Lord, the Arms of His Love stretch across the skies and His eyes  never miss You and His delight and joy in His child.

Open Your heart, open your Soul, His whisper comes to those who wait upon the Lord.

Gently, loving droplets of Grace abounding,  He hears You, He knows all that consumes your very breath.

Take heart Dear One, the Lord Your God; never slumbers or sleeps. His great Love is Relentless, overflowing, His Wisdom never, never, consumed nor shattered by the events nor circumstances in this earthly world.

Rise up, awaken with new Hope, tenderly wrapped in the boundless limites of His omnipresence.

Yes, He knows all that troubles you, He sees You. He is always with you, even now, always and forever.  You, Dear One,  His blessed Child, beloved of the King of Kings, covered in His Righteousness, adorned with His everlasting Love, deeply adored, cherished by Your Lord, the Shepherd watching over your moments in this  precious life.

Lift up your eyes, embracimg His Holy Sprit. He comes to awaken the “eyes” of your tender, weary, worn heart.

Rest in Him, Rest in Him, He the Lord has made this Day and all that is. Nothing, nothing escapes the Wisdom of God nor, thwarts His Vision for those who wait upon the Lord.

Come, awaken, rise up and meet the Day the Lord has created. The Shelter of His Wings beakons your Soul, to come, rise, step forward, embrace the King of Kings the Lord God Almighty.

His Love ensures forever, and His Vision never weakens for His own.
You are precious in sight, He delights in your presence, come, rise up and embrace the Spirit of the Living God, Your Heavenly Father adores you and awaits your heart to seek His.

Draw near now, lift up your prayers and petitions, He waits, He sees, He knows all that stirs within you.

Lean in, grasp hold of the Peace He invites you His child to embrace, hold on, enter in. His Spirits longs to illume your heart and tenderly guide you.

Lean in, take hold of His Hand, He is here now, always and forever, take hold Dear One, take hold and rest.



Bursting Beauty

Bursting Beauty – Jeremiah 32:17

Good Morning Lord!

Oh Lord awaken me from my restless slumber…. Call me out….. On the water…. on the water

Stand Up You Shout, Stand Up you Call… stand up.

You are Not Your own You belong to the Lord God Almighty. Hear the ringing… Hear the music reigning down from Heaven.

The Lord never slumbers, not sleeps. The Lord sees all, the Lord see’s your weary eyes; His arms await to take your heavy heart and raise you up. Yes, child rise up, rise up and greet the dawning leaves if Grace, that Beckon to adorn your heart.

The Lord God loves you Hus Precious Child. Awaken, awaken to this new Day, the bounty of His Love erupts even the mightiest mountain with its boundless pedals of mercy and gentleness.  Arise, Arise, the Lord is calling, calling you, quickly, quick my Stand, Run, Sing!!

Yes, Yes, the Lord is on the Throne of Heaven and He is, he was, and He da hall forever more be. Awaken your mind, let go of the webs of fear a leaves of doubt. Arise child, you Are seen.

The great IAM has numbered the very hairs I In your head. Awaken, throw up the shutters of your heart.  Awaken.. the Breath of Life awaits your coming! He sees, Yes he sees, nothing is hidden from the King of all Glory! Come, walk, run, sing…..the journey is known by the Master of all Creation.

Return, come away, look up, look up! The Lord is here, never a bead of sweat misses His untiring Love and relentless affection for His Children. Awake, step, come, listen, in the roar of the Storm; His mighty Wings of Sovereign Peace encompass the Heavens.

The seas crest, the winds roar, the Sun scorches, the rains flood… Yet nothing, no not anything in All creation can separate You His previous child from the relentless Love of the Creator of all Heaven and Earth.

Awaken my child, come near, Come near. My Love is boundless My vision without blur. Awaken, Arise, Breath in……Step out, walk, step, walk, run….. The Lord is ever close to the Broken Hearted. He “sees” You, He Loves You.

Awaken, awaken the Lord has broken the skies with His Glorious bounties Rise, go, walk, run to the Arms of the Mountain of the King of Glory, the Trees bow their branches in Honor, the clouds whisper His Peace. Run, walk, rise, rise, He is calling ever calling, You His child; Come His Peace is closer than a breath.

Arise, Awaken, His Arms of Grace abound, His Tower of strength never wavers. Arise weary souls, arise your Shepherd is here, here to lead, protect and guide your weary hearts. Yes, Arise, He is here, nothing is truer than the Promise of His Ferocious Love for You, For You, His Precious Child. Amen and Amen.

–J812light– 13Aug16