A Prayer Covering

May the Light of God’s touch within your heart rekindle your weary spirit; ever so gently, covering your heartstrings; reaching in; embracing your world with His Peace, taking in droplets of Hope, etched in His light.   Tenderly  illuming our inner pathways as we seek refuge.

Shadows lifted,  brokenness embraced, with balms of Light warmth of Peace, illuming Hope again witnessed on this wintery Advent Sunday.

This His gentle covering Love, Hope, and Peace; rekindling dimming flames within us.   His  gift, His Presence, woven within, gently covering over us.

His abiding Spirit;  mending, restoring, weaving around and through  our hearts. His Prayer Covering inviting us, with His a gift, His promise, His morning begun anew among us. Amen.





Gentle flakes of newly fallen snow; now embraced by His Light and the chills  it ever gently become rekindled within your Soul


Brushes of Hope in the Stillness




Amidst the stillness, beauty arises, bringing Hope and Promise into view. 

Oh to be still; to just wait, hold on.  Yes He hold us, within  His hand,  ever gently brushing the sky, embracing our lives, may we yearn, reaching, aching, holding on, holding on,  be still, be still; He is here hold on.

Hues of His Light ever reaching, ever stretching  embracing our hearts, be still He is here.  Be still……..Amen.

Morning Blessings – Jul 6, 2017

Dear One,

Good Morning, may the Light of the World spring forth in your heart this Day, gently stirring in your heart.

Releasing all anxiousness and fear, breathing in the Breathe of Life, the Holy Spirit into the parched areas of your Soul.

Springing fourths ripples of Hope, Peace and Stillness, quieting your mind, renewing your spirit in His faithfulness of Unfailing Love and abounding Grace for you and yours today and forever.
>> Trust in the Lord, lean not on your own understanding for the Strength of the Lord abounds for those who, pause, cease striving and let Christ’s Peace flow ever gently, washing over your restlessness and weariness.
>> Seek His hand, opening yours;  He never lets go, and His relentless Love beckons you onward toward the “One” True Light, Jesus Christ our Lord and Strong Tower, never faulting, nor abandoning those, that put their Faith, in the One True God, Lord of Heaven and Earth, today, tomorrow and forever. Amen and Amen.