A Choice To Pause To Listen

Good Morning,

We arise again this day! What will our pathways convey? Will hope eternal garnish our thoughts and deeds? Do we stop, pause, to praise, looking upward in prayer?

Or more often than not, we jump in, graveling, pushing our way? Instinctively bursting forward to grab hold of time, direction and control.

Is our diving forward “feet” first, without pausing to listen, to hear Truth, to quickly pre-empting, the Holy Spirits, droplets of healing rain, breathes of live to rekindle the flames of “Faith” within our very souls.

Has our relentless “hurriedness” derailed us from His Word, Truth, Vision, our source of Light? Like a young child, losing their source of pure joy and delight, as their balloon drifts out of sight. in the abbess of aimless existence, unanchored, off course, no rudder of guidance, meagerly wandering, away, away, strength fading.

Yet, Our Lord, our Captain, His voice ever faithful never void, always speaking, holding Hope as an eternal flame, illuming the pathways ahead, He never truly loses sight in the midst of our chaos, even in our chosen wandering.

breaths, steps, thoughts to the Almighty Sovereign Lord. Who are we? Is Holy God not Sovereign? The Wisdom of God, the Light of all Hope, Love Himself. He is speaking to us, through us, with or without us, yet it our choice, whether or not we choose Our Lord.

Who are we? Is God not our Sovereign Deliverer of Hope and Peace. His tender mercies, gently pour into our brokenness, fragmented edges, ever beckoning our hearts; the call, the cry, calling ever calling us to stop, to pause to draw near. Yet do we? Blowing winds, ebbing currents swirling, racing, each, stealing us, consuming us, our time, energy all matter. Where, where, what is it all, that drives us? Are we are moving toward? Coming, going, grasping, holding, is their eternal gain, woven within the fabric of our quest?

Whirling, piercing noise, within, without, ebbs of turmoil, echoing, haunting our thoughts; pleating demands. Do see? All around us, cloistering, piles, lists, voices, choices, decisions. Vainly we keep grasping for our own on reasoning.

Where were we headed; why are we going? Have we patented “doing”, as trophies for ourselves? Is our pursuing, fractured? Is His wisdom heard in the daily grind or in the attainment of chaotic matter and mindfulness, pierced in the overwhelmed fragments presence?

Our minds blinded, with blurring chaos, unfiltered voices, distractions, clanging, invading any our freedoms, our hunger for real communion, deeper, richer, closeness with the Lord. The overt boastings of the enemy, through mindless noise, superficial frills; splattered across the net waves of the media infiltrating our hearts, minds and soul, aching for rest, assurance, inner peace.

Driven, uncertain, constant pulling, peeling, flushing; swirling, winding, flooding our inner core. Is serving within our objective? What is the honest motivation? Do you hear amongst all deep within, His calling, deep within, ever so near? He desires our all, our true selves, not redesigned by false “reality” an outward shallow, fit on the cover or box top design!

His relentless Love, never wanes, nor is His wisdom blinded by the blinded false currency, real value of designed, before time, you, I, His creation. Our purposes are unique, not meant to be copied, reformed, refashioned by the world’s standards. We acknowledge that all snowflakes are not the same. Nor does the Truth of His Word create us to be a mere existence of something else, no we are wonderfully and perfecting knit together in God’s image, written in God’s Book of life before humanity was spoken, bringing forth each one, each new creation in the image of God.

His Truth, His Love, His Promise never defaults, never wanes, clattering, pushing, prodding, demanding, judging, avoiding, denying, who we are, whom we, why were created to be whom we truly are. His Love is an ocean; His Wisdom transcends all boundaries.

Our God, is never deceived or shaken. His Truth prevails, His Hope remains, may we all seek, not to surrender to less than God’s desire for each one of His own. You, I, each one, is being called, yes called, truly “seen”, acknowledged, yes deeply treasured, desired beyond our limited/or wildest imagination. To “Be” the you He created you to “Be”. Within, the full measure of Almighty God’s design and providential purpose for you today, in this moment of time, for God’s Eternal purposes today, tomorrow within His sovereign making.

My prayer fellow traveler, my prayer for you, myself, my neighbor, my next encounter, may it be transformed and awakened to a deeper knowing, depths of your own soul, guiding your steps, re-shaping your heart, renewing your soul, and bringing you His strength within to flourish, more than pant, living, growing within, renewed and refreshed by the tranquil waters of His Transcending Holy Spirit, knowing you are “held”, loved with an abiding love, a treasure beyond measure, in the eyes of the Lord Our God your eternal Hope and Firm foundation, today, tomorrow and forever.

I cry out from within Amen, again, Amen to His Holy Word, Amen.


J812light 18-8-17



A Prayer of Hope

Good Day

Lifting up His WORD of Promise and Truth to you and Yours on this Wintry and Chilly Day.

May His Eternal Light of Hope shine brightly bringing forth, His Spirit of Freedom, calming, freeing, your weary spirit, releasing, removing the lingering, webs, clouds of doubt, discouragement and fear.

May you seek to let, go and breath in God’s Eternal Promise of Love and Peace filling your Soul with renewed HOPE in the Almighty Father of Heaven and Earth, Creator, Redeemer of all Life; the True Author of your Story.

Through Christ Jesus, may His reigning showers of Peace, Power and Hope flow through waves of His GRACE, within your spirit shoring up your heart with engaged courage to live with His destined Vision for you His beloved and redeemed Child.

His LOVE is relentless and mightier than a raging sea, never thwarted by shores or skies of darkness, ever brilliant and piercing forth across the horizon’s, landscapes; never ceasing, always illuming the way for the weary traveler; calling us forth to step across a barren deserts or daunting jungles, removing webs of confusion, loosening, piercing His Light, ever shining forth, turning rumble into streams glistening as a stained glass window at dawn.


refining, removing, unwanted stones, weeds;

unwinding , releasing Glorious hues of light and HOPE, tenderly healing and reshaping our hearts with brilliant rays of light and color

Arise, tired one, step out, into the gentle Mercies of His Mighty Power, unwavering grip of His Love Light; piercing all darkness and setting us ever so gently, yet firmly on the Rock of Ages the Great I AM, deliverer of all Grace and

Hope today tomorrow  and forever more.


J812light 2-11-17

Bursting Beauty – Aug 13, 2016

Bursting Beauty

Good Morning Lord! Oh Lord awaken me from my restless slumber.

Call me out…. on the water…. on the water; Stand Up You Shout, Stand Up You Call… Stand Up.  You are not your own; you belong to the Lord God Almighty.

Hear the ringing… Hear the music reigning down from Heaven. The Lord never slumbers, nor sleeps. The Lord sees all, the Lord see’s your weary eyes; His arms await to take your heavy heart and raise you up.

Yes, child rise up, rise up and greet the dawning leaves of Grace, that beckoning to adorn your heart. The Lord God loves you His Precious Child.

Awaken; awaken to this new Day, the bounty of His Love erupts within the mightiest mountain flowing endlessly with its boundless pedals of mercy and gentleness

Arise, Arise, the Lord is calling, calling you, quickly, quick my stand, run, sing!! Yes; yes, the Lord is on Heaven’s Throne.  He is, He was, and He shall forevermore be.  The Alpha and the Omega.

Awaken your mind, let go of the webs of fear and leaves of doubt.  Arise!  My child you are seen.

The great IAM has numbered the very hairs on your head. Awaken, throw up the shutters of your heart.  Awaken; the Breath of Life awaits your coming! He sees, yes He sees, nothing is hidden from the King of all Glory!

Come; walking, running singing; the journey is known by the Master of all Creation.  Return, come away, look up, look up! The Lord is here.

Never a single a bead of sweat or tear misses the view of His untiring Love and relentless affection for His Children.

Awaken; step, come, listen; within the roar of the Storm; His mighty wings of sovereign Peace encompass the Heavens. The seas crest, the winds roar, the Sun scorches, the rains flood;

Yet nothing, no not anything in all creation can separate you; His previous child,  from the relentless Love of the Creator of all Heaven and Earth.

Awaken my child, come near, Come near.  His Love call is boundless; His vision without a blur.  Awaken, Arise, breath in; step out; walk, step, walk, run. The Lord is ever close to the broken hearted, Yes!  He “sees” you, He Loves you.

Awaken, awaken the Lord has broken the skies with His Glorious bounties Rise, go, walk, run to the Arms of the Mountain of the King of Glory, the Trees bow their branches in Honor, the clouds whisper His Peace.

Run, walk, rise, rise, He is calling ever calling, you His child; Come His “Peace” is closer than a breath.  Arise, Awaken, His Arms of “Grace” abound, His Tower of Strength never wavers.

Arise;  weary souls; arise your Shepherd is here.  Here to lead, protect, guide;your weary hearts. Yes, Arise, He is here, nothing is more true than the Promise of His Ferocious Love for you; for you, His  Precious Child.

Amen and Amen.


Cries for Freedom – Oh Lord Come, to Free Us! —- Jul 4th 2016

Oh Lord, Oh Blessed are we, to live in “Eternal” Freedom in the Lord!
May Our Hearts be ever turned outward and upward,

Seeking your Light, Your Truth, the only True Pathway to live in Freedom!

May we raise our hearts with Singing and Praise Glorifying your HOLY Name this Day!

Blessed be the Lamb, the Holy One, the Alpha and Omega, beginning and end.

Whom shall we fear, in whom shall we Trust, we need to TRUST in the Lord Our God alone.

You alone are Holy, You alone are God, You alone, Save us, Rescue, us from the Chains which seek to entrap lives with fear, doubt, and anxiety.

You call, You beckon us, Your whisper in the caverns of our hearts, gently calling us to Come, Come, Taste and see all that You have prepared for those who TRUST in You Our God.

Lead us God, call to us Lord, we do need you, yes desperately we, they, them, ALL your Children cry out, can you hear them, yes, everywhere, tears fall, hearts crack, souls ache with emptiness!

Oh Beautiful Morning Star, awaken us awaken us, awaken us… the world groans in its shadows, the world shy’s in its confusion, the world spins faster, faster each day.

Oh Lord come, come, we desperately seek you, our neighbor, or friend, the lost, the lonely we, us, all need a SAVIOR.

Come, come, come lead us to our only FREEDOM Christ with us!
Lord we pray, we cry, we shout, let my heart Praise, Praise, Praise, all that you are, all that you Are!

Lord, help me, Lord help us, Your people, Your children, we need you.

Oh Lord do you hear our cries for freedom, in between roar of clanging and clatter, cars zooming, horns blaring, with seas of voices and rumbling street cars and trains. Factories shoot vats of smoke, seeking to split the flowing clouds above.

Racing, pacing, cars, trucks seemingly flowing, darting across the striped rivers, streams of tar on the highways and roads.

Children shouting, laughing, people walking, talking, waves of beeps and rings, clambering for attention. Yet they do not sooth us, they do not bring us peace, quiet, to readily they service as vices drowning out Our longing and hunger for Peace and real Hope.

Oh Lord come, Lord come quickly, our souls yearn for you to come, to quite us. You alone are the source of our true Freedom

Oh Lord, we ache to be captivated by your bountiful array of beauty, the shining Stars and the, brilliant hues of light reflecting and dancing over the tapestry of your brush across the skies and in

Breezing winds ever gently sway the leaves of mighty trees, clapping leaves, and flowing meadow grasses, dance endlessly across the lands. Each arrayed in glistening shades of green and pastels dancing, prancing silhouettes and fields of wild flowers.

Oh Lord Your Majesty is boundless, let us come, come, come. Quiet our restless hearts, restores our weary souls. Come, come, come Lord, help us to bath in the boundless ocean of Your relentless Love, Peace and Hope, that you alone renew and refresh.

Yes, Lord, You alone are the true source of Our Freedom, let Freedom reign throughout the land, this “DAY” today this day to reflect and remember that Freedom flows from humble hearts and open hands.

Still the waters, Pierce the darkness, illuminate us Lord, come Lord, come lead us to our only Freedom lead us in Paths of Freedom and Righteousness.

Come Lord Jesus, Come, Come, release and open our weary hearts to receive, to receive you Peace, Your Hope your FREEDOM.

Lord Jesus thank you, We Praise You, we Worship you, Come Lord Jesus come, today is the Day of the Lord, the Dawning of Freedom rests in You, Come, Come Lord Jesus Come, heal this Cracked and broken Land, forgive us, heal us, Restore us.

Come, come, come quickly Lord Jesus, yes you alone, you alone are bringing true FREEDOM on this Holiday Weekend, Yes, Yes, You Lord, Come, Ringing Heaven’s Hope reigning with Heaven’s Peace on all the pathways and with may you PEACE calm our Hearts.

Come, Come Lord Jesus come…Our only freedom our only TRUE Hope, and refuge from the chains of this broken and fractured world, Come, Come Lord Jesus, Come and let your Freedom ring throughout breezes of your Holy Spirt.

Come, come, Lord Jesus, reign in our Hearts, reign I our Souls, Lord “Reign” through all the World. Bringing Your pedals of Mercy, Hope, Love and FREEDOM throughout this Land today and forever More,

Come, come, come now Lord, declaring with a Shout Ringing in Freedom’s Love Song in our hearts this 4th of July!!


lg – 4/7/16

Morning Blessings – Jul 6, 2017

Dear One,

Good Morning, may the Light of the World spring forth in your heart this Day, gently stirring in your heart.

Releasing all anxiousness and fear, breathing in the Breathe of Life, the Holy Spirit into the parched areas of your Soul.

Springing fourths ripples of Hope, Peace and Stillness, quieting your mind, renewing your spirit in His faithfulness of Unfailing Love and abounding Grace for you and yours today and forever.
>> Trust in the Lord, lean not on your own understanding for the Strength of the Lord abounds for those who, pause, cease striving and let Christ’s Peace flow ever gently, washing over your restlessness and weariness.
>> Seek His hand, opening yours;  He never lets go, and His relentless Love beckons you onward toward the “One” True Light, Jesus Christ our Lord and Strong Tower, never faulting, nor abandoning those, that put their Faith, in the One True God, Lord of Heaven and Earth, today, tomorrow and forever. Amen and Amen.

Prayer to YOU my Friend Who Adorn My Hearts Garden


To each of You, yes YOU, you know who you are you are, a unique and special FLOWER in the Garden of my Heart.  You  each  adorn your “Beauty” So graciously in my Life.

Oh Lord, please bless my dear Friends, Yes you MY Lord know there names, and they are FAR more, precious to me, than just a name.  To ME, Laura, they are my Bouquet of FLOWERs in the arrayed with enduring beauty in the Garden of my heart.

I Love you my Friend, yes YOU, each of you, each, with your our own blooming fragrance and  Beauty; in your smile, through your Strength, in your Laugh, in your Words of Life and wisdom, in your, “Patience” and or your flare for Adventure and sharing in Laughter, sharing in Song, sharing in the Pathways of my life!!

Oh my Dear Friend, I pray daily, that God Blesses YOU, yes you,  each of one,  who richly blesses my Days and illumes my Nights,  yes each one of You, unique; designed by God, arrayed in beauty from “inside” out.

Oh My Precious Lord, help me I Pray to daily tend to my Garden of Friends, to nurture, water, and help shine YOUR light through me as a mirror out to them, lifted every so gently,  humbly knowing You Lord are the Gardner, and I am the guest of your Bounty within my Heart.  Help me rise, in Prayer, walk in Courage, and greet each Day, tending my Garden and sharing a Prayer, in Conversation, or in a gentle Smile!

Oh, oh my Dear Friend, I Love you, yes YOU, a Flower,  my Friend, a Beautiful Flower adorning the Garden, yes the Garden within my Heart!….

Lord Bless them, Oh as, as they have Bless me, Oh that I would be a green “Bud” too and not a “thorn”.  Help me I Pray Lord to LOVE them tenderly yet  fearlessly as you do.  Sharing my Heart, Sharing my Time, Sharing You Lord the Gardner of the Garden of Friends in my Heart.

Yes, Richly Blessed, no question there, or why; its a free gift from Our Amazing Lord.   Thank you Lord, help me be; to pray for each of them, yes YOU,  you my Friend, a treasured Flower in the Garden of my Heart.  Oh Dear Friend, I pray you never doubt; how richly your Radiance has adorned, Yes adorned the Garden within My heart.

Thank you for being “YOU”,  and I thank GOD, that He has blessed me with YOU, yes you,  a precious, lovely Flower in the Garden of my Heart…………….

I Love You,  and  Pray that the Lord;  will help me Love you as He does. Thank You, Yes YOU, yes YOU my Friend for being a Sacred Light in the Garden of my Heart.

My Garden flourishes, when the Lord our Gardener, blesses me with new Flowers, such as YOU, yes You.  I hold ever tightly to the Lord; the Gardener of my heart….whose gift of my Flowers within my Friendship Garden, has blessing flowing to me beyond measure.

I Love You my friend, Yes YOU.  The Lord Loves you too!   Thank You My Lord, thank you my King, Jesus the Gardener, the Lord of my Heart.  Blessings of flourishing flowers, Awaken my life, lifting me up, Leading  my Soul to “Dance”  within the Garden of my Heart.

Holding gently, holding gently to the pedals of “Grace” each one, adorning my Garden, yes the Garden of my heart.  Thank You,  yes YOU My friend a “FLOWER in the Garden of my Heart. .


J812Light-5 Nov-16






Oh Lord come, bring your Arms of Healing and Mercy to our this Country this World, broken hearts, weary souls, bring Your Light of Love and Shine in the hollows of our Souls and Hearts this 15th Anniversary Day of Septemer 11, 2001.

Life as was known was forever changed!  Oh Lord Reign, Reign, in all hearts this Day, Reign, Reign, let Your Glory Shine, bringing PEACE, where there is no Peace and Hope, where Hope runs dry.  Lord HEAL this Land, Hear the cries of Your People, Hear the cries of the Lost.

Lord may your TRUTH prevail, and may your LIGHT shine bright in the valley of despair and pain in the day of Rememberance of all those who lost their lives and sacrificed their lives for the sake of others.

Oh Lord, Hear our Prayers, Hear our Cries.  Bring HEALING only You our GOD came bring.  Remove the shadows of fear and doubt.  SHINE HOLY LORD Shine.

May we never fail to Remember All those touched by the events of 9/11.  Oh LORD Heal us, Heal our Land, Heal our Hearts, Let Your Light Shine bright with HOPE, PEACE and MERCY this Day!



J812light 9-11-16